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At MJ Painting & Maintenance, we think of painting as more than just a way to cover walls in color. It’s an art form for us, a way to transform your living or working space into a masterpiece. Like an artist’s brushstroke, each project we undertake is a blend of innovation and creativity.

Picture this: you walk into a room with walls that feel dull and empty. Then, as if by magic, a burst of color breathes life into the space. That’s what we aim to do for you, whether it’s your home or your business.

Take advantage of our free, no-obligation quotes that provide you with accurate pricing for your project. And if you’re a DIY enthusiast, our website is a treasure trove of tips and tricks for achieving pro-level results.

So why delay? Contact MJ Painters Melbourne today on 1300 712 470 and embark on a journey to beautify your space.

Our Services

Residential & Commercial Painting Services

At MJ Painting & Maintenance, we see more than just walls – we feel the soul of every space. Whether it’s the bedroom where you rest or the office where you strive, we’re by your side. Our Melbourne painters infuse homes with care, making sure each space speaks. And for businesses? We paint true to you, capturing what sets you apart.

Interior Painting

Home Interior Painting Services

Freshen up your living spaces with our interior painting services. From bedrooms to kitchens, we paint with care.

Exterior Painting

Home Exterior Painters Melbourne

Boost the look of your home from the outside with our exterior painting services. Count on MJ Painting & Maintenance for a lasting impression.

Commercial Painting

Commercial Painters Melbourne

Bring new life to your workplace with our dedicated team of commercial painters. MJ Painting & Maintenance ensures a job well done, consistently.

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Areas we Service

We’re Your Local Painters Across Melbourne

Wherever you are in Melbourne, you can count on us to bring that same mix of dedication, top-notch skills, and friendly service. Ready to give your space a new lease on life? Give us a shout!


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Home Exterior Painters Melbourne

Home Painters Melbourne

Choosing us is choosing expertise beyond just a dab of paint. We know the newest styles, ensuring your home isn’t just refreshed but also in vogue. We’re with you in picking colors that truly mirror your essence.

A good painting begins with groundwork. We dedicate ourselves to setting the stage right, making sure the last layer of paint settles seamlessly. No surprises with the costs – we’re clear from the start, so you know where your resources are going.

Commercial Painters Melbourne

In the world of painting, especially for commercial spaces, hands-on experience speaks volumes. And at MJ Painting & Maintenance, our commercial painters have hands rich with stories of brush and hue. We don’t just paint; we leave a mark. While we’re mindful of costs, we never compromise on quality. The right shade can indeed set the mood for your brand.

The secret to a lasting paint job? It’s all in the groundwork. Before our brushes dance on the walls, we ensure they’re primed and ready. That’s how we keep things looking crisp, long after the paint dries.

Commercial Painters Melbourne

Home Painting Process

At MJ Painting & Maintenance, we take a structured approach to exterior painting that guarantees long-lasting, eye-popping results. Starting with an in-depth color consultation, our seasoned home painters collaborate with you to handpick shades that elevate your home or business’s aesthetic appeal.

Surface preparation stands as a cornerstone of our procedure. We invest time in inspecting and prepping surfaces, rectifying any imperfections to ensure paint adherence and durability.

Our craftsmen are well-versed in state-of-the-art painting techniques, promising a finish that’s not just stunning but also durable. Each brushstroke is carefully planned and executed to produce sharp lines and smooth textures.

Post-painting, we empower you with upkeep tips to maintain the splendor of your fresh coat. Regular cleanings and touch-ups will keep your exterior looking as good as new. The choice of paint finish could make or break the result. Whether you fancy a glossy sheen or a matte look, our experts guide you based on your taste and local weather conditions.

Home Painting Protection

Your home is more than a building; it’s a haven of comfort and style. To protect it, our team employs a comprehensive protective strategy that covers furniture, floors, and delicate areas like light fixtures and trim work.

Weatherproofing measures are also applied to shield your exterior from the elements, offering fade and peel resistance. Once the work is completed, we perform a meticulous clean-up to restore your home to its original state.

At MJ Painting & Maintenance, we adhere to a quality-first approach, which is why we source only premium paints from trusted suppliers. These superior products offer tangible benefits:

  • Benefits
  • Extensive Coverage
  • Long-lasting Durability
  • Eco-friendly Selections
  • Unparalleled Attention to Detail

Our cohesive team of painters is not just proficient; they are passionate about turning your space into a visual delight. Their attention to detail, excellent communication, and efficient project management skills ensure every project is a success.

Customer Experience

Our exceptional service spectrum ranges from providing valuable surface prep to customer education. Testimonials from our satisfied clientele are proof of our dedication and skill. Need help with color selection? We provide expert advice tailored to your personal preferences.

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