Deck Painting

Deck Painting

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When it comes to giving your deck a fresh lease of life, MJ Painting & Maintenance is your go-to for home exterior painting services in Melbourne. Our keen eye for detail, all the way from sanding to painting, not only ensures that your deck looks spectacular but also ready to face the harsh outdoor elements. Our well-practiced hands take immense pleasure in rejuvenating decks, turning them into the neighborhood’s marvel.


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Embarking on your deck makeover is a breeze with us. Share a little about what you envision for your deck, and we’ll quickly swing a no-strings-attached quote your way. In no time, your deck could be our next canvas of excellence. Click here to contact us or get a free quote.

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Wherever you are in Melbourne, you can count on us to bring that same mix of dedication, top-notch skills, and friendly service. Ready to give your space a new lease on life? Give us a shout!


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Masterful Deck Painting and Revival 🎨

Deck painting is an art and science duo. It kicks off with a hearty inspection to spot any nails or hurdles, which are gingerly removed to spare the timber. Unlike some, we give pressure washing a wide berth during prep to guard the wood’s demeanor.


We harness top-shelf sanding gizmos to pamper your deck twice over, first with coarse-grit sandpaper and then a medium-grit one, prepping a smooth, paint-happy surface. Our sanders are crafted to keep dust fuss to a minimum in your living space.


A regular scrub-down is key to keeping the timber in top-notch nick. We wield prime timber deck cleaners and state-of-the-art gadgetry to bid goodbye to stains and muck, reviving the timber’s innate charm without a smidgen of compromise on its stability.

Staining & Oiling

Next, your deck enjoys a professional hug of anti-fungal solution to ward off rot. Once it’s bone-dry, we lavish two coats of the top-drawer Woca decking oil on it, ushering in a ravishing, sturdy finish.

Pick Your Perfect Palette for a Dazzling Deck

Finding the ideal hue for your deck is pivotal. We flaunt a vast spectrum of colors and stains to echo your home’s outdoor theme. Our mavens are always around to lend an ear and ensure you land on a shade that resonates with your taste and home’s character.

Upholding Beauty All Year Round

Painting aside, we extend a full suite of deck upkeep services to keep your alfresco space fetching and functional through the seasons. From breathing new life into aged wood with modern know-how to regular clean-ups, we keep your deck in shipshape.

DIY Nuggets for Deck Aficionados 🛠️

For the DIY-spirited, we’re here with handy tips to make your deck project a hit. Prepping is the cornerstone; a solid clean and sand down sets the stage for your paint or stain adventure. And oh, always opt for the top-grade goodies to clinch a lasting finish.

Ready to Jazz Up Your Deck?

Be it a fresh splash of paint, a new stain, or a full-blown revival, MJ Painting & Maintenance is all ears for your deck dreams. Our spirited squad is geared up to morph your deck into a cozy outdoor nook you’d be thrilled to flaunt. Hit us up today and let’s set the stage to make your deck the toast of the town!

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