Feature Wall Painting

Feature Wall Painting

Why Choose Us

Ever noticed how a single wall can breathe life into an entire room? Perhaps you’re contemplating a bold hue, a delicate texture, or an enchanting mural. At MJ Painting & Maintenance, our Feature Wall Painting Service exists to illuminate the individual flair you wish to convey. Our seasoned interior painters pour their heart into ensuring each brush motion perfectly complements your selected design, texture, or hue.


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Choosing MJ Painting & Maintenance is akin to picking an artwork for your home. Every venture we undertake is drenched in dedication, mastery, and that innate human touch. It’s not just a wall—it’s your narrative. Ready to pen it down with us? Let’s chat

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Areas we Service

Wherever you are in Melbourne, you can count on us to bring that same mix of dedication, top-notch skills, and friendly service. Ready to give your space a new lease on life? Give us a shout!


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More Than Just a Feature Wall 🎨

Your walls should be more than mere room dividers. Leveraging our seasoned expertise, they can evolve into mirrors reflecting your deepest desires, ambitions, and personal style. So, dream grandly, and watch us weave those dreams into reality.

Yearning for a fresh room vibe without the complete makeover fuss? A feature wall can introduce a vibrant color splash in a monochrome setting, act as an elegant anchor in your private study, or emerge as the radiant heart of your communal space.

Patterns and Choices of Feature Walls

Ever felt overwhelmed by the rich elegance of a matte tone, the neat contours of geometric patterns, or the calming beauty of a mural inspired by Mother Nature? In the vast realm of wall designs, choices abound. Here at MJ Painting and Maintenance, our dedicated team isn’t just here to assist; they’re here to share your excitement, light up your imagination, and bring those dreams to fruition.

The Preparation

A pristine finish begins with careful groundwork. As we gear up to give your wall a fresh identity:

  • Understanding Your Wall: Before anything, we get to know your wall, addressing its quirks, like those tiny cracks or little imperfections.
  • Cleaning Session: Think of this as a spa day for your wall, where we ensure it’s free from dust and the usual wear and tear of daily life.
  • Primer Touch: When necessary, we lay down a primer, setting the stage for the magnificent transformation to follow.

Feature Wall Painting Process

For us, painting isn’t just a task. It’s a chance to infuse spirit into every space.

    • Getting Into Your Mind’s Eye: This is where we sit down with you, listening and learning about what you envision, all the while sharing some professional nuggets of wisdom.

>li>Crafting with Care: Armed with top-notch tools and fueled by passion, every brush move is a step towards realising your dream.

  • Final Adjustments: And as the main act concludes, we indulge in some finetuning, ensuring every detail is just so.

After the Transformation

  • Take a Moment: Stand back. Admire. What was once a mere wall is now a canvas showcasing your style and our dedication.
  • Caring for Your Canvas: Just as you’d care for a precious piece of art, your feature wall deserves some TLC. We’re here with tips, from gentle cleaning tricks to those occasional touch-ups.


How long before the wall’s ready for the world?

A touch? Just a few hours. But for things like art pieces, give it a good 24 hours.

Tell me about the paint you use?

We swear by quality. The paints we choose are not just durable; they’re eco-conscious too.

Got a busy week, can we work something out?

Of course! Your convenience is our priority. We’ll find a slot that suits you.

What if I fancy a change midway?

Just chat with us! It’s your space, and we want you to adore every inch of it.

Any tips for wall care?

Sure thing! Depending on your chosen finish, usually, a gentle wipe with a soft cloth and some lukewarm soapy water keeps things looking spruce.

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