Interior Painting

Interior Painting

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Transform the ambiance of your home with a stroke of a brush. Whether you’re looking for home painters in Melbourne to repaint your entire home or want to revitalise your living room with this year’s trendiest colour, MJ Painters Melbourne are your go-to professionals. We bring years of experience in residential interior painting to your doorstep.


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Home Interior Painting Services

Before vs After Pictures of our Interior Painting Work

House Painting Process

Select Your Paint Colour

The first step is often the most fun & challenging—choosing the right colour. We provide a curated selection of paint colours.

Cover the Area

Before the first brush stroke, we ensure all floors and furniture are well-protected with drop cloths and plastic sheeting.

Prep the Walls

A clean canvas is essential for optimal paint adhesion. Our professional team preps the walls to ensure a smooth application.

Apply New Paint

Our highly-skilled painters will then apply your chosen paint, ensuring quality and efficiency in every brushstroke.


We believe that a painting job isn’t finished until everything is spotless. Our team will clean up so that you can enjoy your newly painted space right away.

Interior Spaces We Specialise In


      • Bedroom Painting: Turn your bedroom into a sanctuary with a fresh coat of paint.
      • Bathroom Painting: Enhance your bathroom’s longevity and aesthetics with the right type of paint.
      • Kitchen Painting: A fresh coat can redefine the look and feel of your kitchen.
      • Living Room Painting: Make your living room a warm and inviting space with coordinated paint colours.
      • Hallway Painting: Opt for a durable paint that can withstand the high traffic in your hallways.
      • Entryway Painting: First impressions last, so make sure your entryway is inviting and bold.
      • Feature Walls: Infuse character and a personalised touch to your rooms with stunning feature walls.
      • Timber Staining: Enhance the natural beauty of your wooden surfaces, offering both aesthetics and long-lasting protection.
      • Ceilings & Walls: Give your living space a cohesive look with paint that seamlessly blends walls and ceilings.
      • Windows & Doors: Add flair to your home’s entryways and exits with colors that pop, and stains that endure weather and wear.
      • Interior Preparation: Lay the groundwork for a flawless finish by properly prepping your surfaces, ensuring long-lasting beauty and durability.

At MJ Painters Melbourne, we believe that painting your home shouldn’t be a hassle. We manage every detail of your painting project, ensuring a stress-free experience and a flawless finish.

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