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Why Choose Us

Window and door painting isn’t just splashing on some colour. It’s about encapsulating emotions and stories. MJ Painting & Maintenance’s interior painters don’t just see these fixtures as functional elements; they view them as the canvas for your tales and memories. Have you ever imagined how a window, freshly painted, can change how you see the world outside? Or how the right shade on a door makes it more inviting? That’s our specialty. We pour emotions into every stroke, making sure your spaces resonate with your feelings.


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Handing over the reins of your window and door painting to us? You’re essentially letting us weave the heart and soul of your home. We don’t just paint; we craft stories, ensuring every little detail reflects the essence of what you call home. Your spaces deserve more than just utility. Let’s paint stories together, shall we? Let’s chat

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Areas we Service

Wherever you are in Melbourne, you can count on us to bring that same mix of dedication, top-notch skills, and friendly service. Ready to give your space a new lease on life? Give us a shout!


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More Than Just Openings and Closures 🚪

Your windows and doors are the storytellers of your home. Through window painting, they can capture the essence of a serene morning, while door painting can make them voice the warmth and hospitality of your abode. They are not just barriers; they are tales etched in colour. Thinking of refreshing your outlook or giving a new persona to your entryway? Whether it’s the sunset hues through a window or the dignified stance of your main door, we make sure they express eloquently.

A Spectrum of Choices for Window Painting & Door Painting

From the charm of a vintage window to the sleekness of a contemporary door, possibilities are endless. Our passionate team at MJ Painting & Maintenance is not only here to guide but to walk beside you, ensuring your vision for window and door painting comes to life.

Laying the Groundwork

For that impeccable finish:

  • Assessing Your Space: We delve deep, understanding what your windows and doors convey, aligning our techniques accordingly.
  • Spick and Span: Rigorous cleaning ensures every nook and cranny is ready for a new hue.
  • Laying the Foundation: If required, we prime, preparing for the artistic journey ahead.

The Craft of Window Painting & Door Painting

It’s a dance of brush and color:

  • Collaborative Vision: It’s a duet between your dreams and our expertise. We aim to mirror your imagination.
  • Artful Execution: Equipped with the finest, every movement of our brush aims for brilliance.
  • Perfecting Every Edge: As we wind up, a touch here and there ensures your satisfaction.

The Afterglow

Stand back and take it all in. The newly painted windows and doors not only reflect your taste but also our commitment. Need advice on care? We’re just a call away.


Setting Time?

Mostly a few hours. For unique finishes, a day is best.

Do you advocate green for window and door painting?

Without a doubt! We balance between the environment and quality.

Change of heart midway?

No worries! We’re painting your story, so it should resonate with you.

How to maintain the charm?

A soft cloth and a little care go a long way in maintaining the shine.

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